Reviewing Abstracts

The Symposium website allows faculty to review and either approve or decline submitted abstracts.

Students have been asked to work with their mentors and obtain their approval before they submit their abstract to the CURO Symposium. However, there might be some students who fail to do that. Thus, when a student officially submits an application and abstract online, it triggers an email to the student's faculty mentor. This email explains that an abstract has been submitted and needs to be reviewed and approved.

The email will provide a link to and log-in instructions for the Symposium site. Please log-in using your MyID and password. Once logged-in, you will see a list of all the students who have submitted an abstract listing you as their mentor. You must review each abstract and either approve or decline it. If you approve it, the title and abstract will be included 'as is' in the eLC CURO Symposium page and in the CURO Symposium Program & Book of Abstracts. If you decline it, you will be asked to briefly explain why. Your student will then have a brief window during which to revise and re-submit the abstract for a second review.

Applicants will be notified via email of faculty approval or decline.


Log-in to review applications.


Please direct all questions to curo-symposium@uga.edu.