Selecting Your Format

Before selecting a format, please consult with your faculty mentor about the most appropriate presentation format for your research. 

Oral Presentation Format:

Oral presentations are compatible with all disciplines, but likely the only choice for presenters working in the humanities and some social sciences. This format offers a way to stress specific, significant aspects of your research in a 'big picture' presentation, without having to delve into all the details of the work. Oral presentations are frequently accompanied by PowerPoint presentations used to emphasize or highlight various aspects of the research. 

Each CURO Symposium presenter will have 15 minutes to present. This should include 1 minute for introducing the presenter, 10-12 minutes for the presentation, and 1-3 minutes for Q & A. This schedule will be strictly enforced by a convener who will be monitoring each session. 

The following resources will help you create an effective oral presentation:

  1. How to Make an Oral Presentation of your Research, UVA (handout and template)
  2. Preparing an Effective Oral Presentation, DMU (handout)

Poster Presentation Format:

Poster presentations stress technical information. A poster is a static, visual medium used to communicate ideas. This format is most often used by the sciences and some social sciences to present research that is highly technical or makes use of a large amount of data best relayed visually. The poster should do most of the 'talking,’ and the material presented should convey the essence of your message. Presenters are expected to be present, so that they can explain and discuss the information on their posters with interested viewers.

The CURO Symposium features one, two hour poster session. Each poster must measure no more than 48 inches wide x 36 inches high. It can be less, but posters should be readable from at least three feet away. Posters must meet these requirements in order to be displayed. 

The following resources will help you create an effective poster:

  1. Designing Research Posters, Purdue OWL (handout)
  2. Research Posters and Presentations, Amherst College (Lots of links and resources here!)